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The Case of HIV and AIDS
From the book "Challenges" by Serge Lang of Yale University
Springer-Verlag, 1998   ISBN 0-387-94861-9
The book "Challenges" may be ordered online at
http://www.amazon.com, search under the category Books for "Challenges by Serge Lang" 

Table of Contents

Part 1 HIV and AIDS: Questions of Scientific and Journalistic Responsibility  pp. 605-648
Part 2 Updates, the Mess in Science and the Gutknecht-Shalala exchange  pp. 648-656
Part 3 To Fund or Not to Fund, That Is the Question  pp. 657-677
Part 4 Journalistic Suppression and Manipulation  pp. 679-698
Part 5 Richard Horton in the New York Review  pp. 699-714

Note: Page numbers refer to corresponding pages in the paperback edition of the book "Challenges"

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